Katrina's Cleaning Services 

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Katrina's Cleaning Services

Bond clean Service 

Bond clean Service Including carpet and lawns - $800

Bond clean Service not Including carpet and lawns - $550

Please note prices is an estimation ONLY please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

General domestic cleaning service $95

This includes GST and we also supply all the equipment and products. You will have the same cleaner for each regular clean, on the same day.

  • Clean and tidy Kitchen, lounge room and bathroom/s
  • Clean kitchen appliances (including microwave & outside oven)
  • Clean wash basins, mirrors, tubs, toilets and showers
  • Sweep, scrub and mop floors
  • Vacuum clean carpets and rugs
  • Dust and polish furniture and fittings
  • Clean metal fixtures and fittings
  • Empty and clean rubbish containers
  • Spot clean walls

Extra services - inside fridge, pantry, cupboards and inside oven approx $10 each.

Now Available

Carpet Cleaning

Our cleaning service will not only make your carpets look cleaner and feel fresher, they will also help to take the smells out of the affected area. Pet smells, smoke smells, industrial smells and food smells all contribute to the atmosphere of a room. With a professionally cleaned carpet, however, the only smells left behind are clean, fresh and healthy. 


Steam Cleaning 

  • Steam Clean Carpets 

  • Steam Clean Grout
  • Steam Clean shower and Screens
  • Steam Clean Couches and Chairs
  • Steam Clean Mattresses 
And Much More!